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Today our Xavier Leaders hosted the student body for a Faith and Service Assembly, dedicated to Refugee Week. There were two guest speakers. Firstly Mr Besmellah Rezaee (right). An old scholar of the college, Besmellah is now the Principal Solicitor of Beena Rezaee (BR) Legal and Migration and is also a Registered Migration Agent with a strong background in legal practice. Besmellah spoke of his experiences as a refugee, his time as a student of the College, his studies in Law and International Studies at the University of Adelaide and the work he does now with Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

Our second speaker was Mr Umes Acharya (left), who is a member of The Vinnies Refugees and Asylum Seeker Service. Umes has long been extremely passionate about minimising the issues faced by refugees and asylum seekers. His current role in the Vinnies organisation is the Youth and Community Engagement officer, within which he creates awareness and engagement opportunities for young people to support different Vinnies Services including Refugees and Asylum Seeker Service. On a personal level, Umes has also worked with young people who are from refugee background, and he strongly advocate for policies that work in the best interest of community members who are seeking refuge in Australia.

We were very privileged to hear from both speakers today who had a shared message to the students to be Agents of Change in the world.

Laura Brzezinski
Xavier Senior Years House Leader

Refugee week

Jess , Amira , Pietro , Umes, Besmellah, Oscar , Lauren and Maisie.

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