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Fr Pedro Arrupe in 1973 stated that for the Jesuit Educational Institutions -“…our prime educational objective must be to form men and women for others; men and women who will live not for themselves but for God and his Christ”. It is now 50 years since Arrupe first gave this direction and we now find ourselves at Saint Ignatius’ College very ,much seeking ways we can be ‘other’ focussed.

Faith and Service at the Senior School has had a busy start to the year with students in the Senior School being challenged to think about their ‘why’ in the world.

So far in 2023 –

  • Participated in Masses celebrating the Feast of the Holy Spirit, Ash Wednesday, and 2023 House Gatherings
  • The Year 7 – 11 Ignatian Service Program has been launched with all students being set a minimum target for service hours and a new online platform for recording hours has been engaged.
  • Faith and Services student leaders have been meeting every two weeks to plan events and activities.
  • Planning is under way for the Year 11 Caroline Chisholm service program.
  • The Project Compassion Initiative has launched, as students reflect on the three pillars of Lent – Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving – during Chapel services.

On behalf of the Faith & Service team,

Danika Tremonte
Director of Faith

Shane O’Brien
Director of Mission

First Week of Lent

We begin our annual Lenten Project Compassion journey by learning about Laxmi, a 16-year-old girl living in Jajarkot, a remote district in Nepal where almost half of the population live below the poverty line. Tragedy struck when Laxmi was 10 years old and her father passed away. Her father worked hard to pay for his children's education and, after losing him, Laxmi was at risk of falling further into extreme poverty.

With the support of our partner Caritas Nepal, Laxmi joined a child's club at her school where she was encouraged to resume her education. Through the child’s club, Laxmi developed the skills and confidence to become a leader, advocating for clean water taps at her school.

Laxmi is now excelling in her studies and working towards her dream of becoming a civil engineer. She continues to be involved in the child's club, serving as an advisor and mentoring the next generation of young leaders at her old school.

Watch a short film about Laxmi’s story here.

Please support Project Compassion here.

Laxmi hero image

Photo: Richard Wainwright/Caritas Australia

Sibling Enrolment
From the Head of Senior School