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As we enter Holy Week, we continue to reflect on the lives of people vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice and how we can respond through supporting Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion appeal.

On Monday, April 3 at recess and lunch, the Year 7-Regis mentor classes hosted a Bake Sale to raise funds for project compassion. Each student brought in something they could sell and it was a huge success. Together the students raised $765.80 to support remote and vulnerable communities across Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and Australia. We would like to thank our families for their support in baking or buying something to sell.

Julia Lombardo and Emma Toker
Regis House Mentors

We would like to thank the entire community for their efforts in support of Project Compassion.

To date, we have raised close to $6,500, and with a few more bake sales to count, this is set to increase. It has been great to see so many Mentor Groups launching their own initiatives and being active in their fundraising, and we would like to thank the middle years especially for their extra effort and delicious baked goods.

Our students have all been able to empathise with the Project Compassion Stories in Mentor Group and witness how the money raised makes a difference, we thank our students for their contributions in class and willingness to participate.

It has also been great seeing Houses work together in support of each other’s efforts.

You will never know the impact of what you give, but it could positively influence the way someone in need sees their future. Thanks again for your support, we look forward to our initiatives in the future.

Danika Tremonte
Director of Faith Formation

Shane O'Brien
Director of Mission

Your generosity is the pebble that allows Caritas Australia to create the ripples that will improve the livelihoods of vulnerable communities, supporting them to flourish and create opportunities for future generations to live to their full potential.

Thank you!

Please return all Project Compassion boxes and envelopes to the school office by Friday 26th May or donate online via the Caritas Australia website here.

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