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Since very early in the history of the Society of Jesus, proficiency in a variety of written and spoken forms was valued and developed. The Jesuit goal of Eloquentia Perfecta integrated eloquence and critical thinking with moral discernment in order to develop people of good faith, speaking and writing well for the public good. The Principal’s Prize Essay maintains an annual tradition at the College of providing students with an opportunity to showcase their best written expression across a wide range of text types and styles.

Through eloquence in expression, writers are able to move their audiences to experience emotion, think deeply, be informed, and perhaps be persuaded to a different point of view. Students have been given the opportunity to select from a common list of topics and shape their ideas to demonstrate their ability to clearly articulate an argument, follow a creative line of thought or develop narrative exposition.

Please see below to read the Year Level prizes awarded at Speech Day this year.

Thank you,

Vania Thurston
Faculty Leader English and Languages

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