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We all have the responsibility to look after each other. Together we can prevent violent behaviours in the community.

Over the last 3 weeks, students have been presented with the Port Adelaide Football Club’s “Power to End Violence” program over 2 sessions.

The Power to End Violence Against Women program aligns with a vision for young men to foster healthy attitudes to relationships and to challenge entrenched attitudes that can contribute to gender-based violence.

Empowered works with female students in Year 10 with a focus on promoting a positive sense of self and identity. The program provides an opportunity to discuss the key drivers of violence such as rigid gender roles and stereotypes while exploring healthy and unhealthy relationships. In doing so, the program will not only empower young women, but build their capacity to understand and address the drivers of violence while providing access to resources for support.

These presentations have formed part of their “Healthy Relationships” Wellbeing unit across the Senior Years, which will continue for the remainder of Term 1.

Angelo Picca
Senior House Leader of Xavier

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Year 10 students receiving resources for support

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Year 10 students discussing gender-based violence

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