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A selection of Year 7 students were inspired by the silk screen printing process, as popularised by Pop artist Andy Warhol. In conjunction with Pop arts strong graphic line and vibrant colours, students employed illustrative methods to create expressive characters which would charm any storybook. The results were highly individual and visually appealing pieces of art that focused on the silk screen printing process, shape, colour, and rendering techniques to convey a narrative.

Helen John
Teacher of Art and Design

Alyssa Jakas Year 7 Art

Artist: Alyssa Jakas

Edward Moore Year 7 Art

Artist: Edward Moore

Jane King Year 7 Art

Artist: Jane King

Julia Lei Year 7 Art

Artist: Julia Lei

Sofie Kelly Year 7 Art

Artist: Sofie Kelly

Zake Ravalico Year 7 Art

Artist: Zake Ravalico

SACE Art and Design Exhibition
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