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During Term 1, the Year 7 students have had the opportunity to be engaged with Year 11 students from their house through the College’s Peer Support Program. The Peer Support Program has been running for many years at the College and is designed to foster intra-year level relationships, connect younger students with older students within houses and provide an opportunity for students to engage in group activities.

Initially, the students spent time with each other in a newspaper dress up challenge, a team game that they had to compete in whilst blindfolded as well as a group easter egg drop competition. The Year 7s were then tasked with designing and decorating a kite with the assistance of their Year 11 Peer Supporters. During these sessions, it was wonderful to watch the bonds form between students and witness the support that was being offered in the form of friendship, support and advice from the Year 11s to the Year 7s.

To conclude the term’s Peer Support activities, all students took to Bourke Oval to test the flying capacity of their kites. Then each group travelled to a Challenge Activity of their choice. One group went to Treeclimb and enjoyed the opportunity to test their limits and offer support to each other. Three groups went to different Escape Room venues where Year 11s and 7s had to use their knowledge and skills work their way out of their scenarios. A final group had the opportunity to experience the challenge of virtual reality games as well as interact with an augmented reality exhibition in the Botanic Gardens.

The program will continue during the year with the students being given the opportunity to connect a couple of time each term. We know that the friendships that are formed between our Year 11s and 7s through this program are very much valued by everyone involved.

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