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Our Year Six students recently participated in a Peer Mediation Training Program run by Stride Education. This peer-to-peer support program enables students to help other students during playtime to peacefully resolve low-level issues and conflict using a restorative approach. Furthermore, the program provides wonderful leadership opportunities to our students that will not only allow them to develop their skills as leaders but also have them act as mentors for younger students.

The major areas of focus included the development of the following skills:

  • Self-awareness – awareness of body language
  • Self-management
  • Active listening and reflecting back
  • Effective questioning (open and closed questions)
  • Responsible decision making
  • Relationship skills – understanding feelings
  • Social awareness
  • Listening skills, assertiveness, brainstorming and empathy

The Year Six students are to be commended on their enthusiasm and willingness to embrace such an important program at the Junior School. The presenter of the program was most impressed with the contributions the students made throughout the day and their ability to implement the necessary skills when carrying out role-plays. We look forward to seeing these skills put into action at recess and lunch time.

Dave Carey
Director of Student Wellbeing

Year 6 Gold students with guest presenter Cheryne Blom from Stride Education

Year 6 Gold students with guest presenter Cheryne Blom from Stride Education

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