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For the first time this year, Saint Ignatius’ College entered a team in the Open Boys’ Statewide Knockout Netball competition. Our team comprised of Will O’Callaghan, Reid O’Callaghan and Tim Wilson who are all currently playing netball at State representative level as well as Thomas Humphrey, Jonathan Nguyen, Angus Crosby, Leo Thomson and Brae Rawnsley.

In game one, the boys enthusiastic start resulted in a few too many technical errors and turnovers in the first half. After settling in the second half, we were able to defeat St Francis De Salle 18 to 15. Will O’Callaghan’s steady play through the mid court in this game enabled the team to find some rhythm and effective passing combinations. The team’s second game against Cabra was challenging as we came up against a side who had clearly done a lot of training and had a very strong technical game. Tim Wilson’s backline body pressure against their shooters was excellent and kept us in the game for some time. Jonathan Nguyen played a great game in the wing positions, showing his improved ability to pivot and make great passing options. Unfortunately, we lost the game 22 to 11. Blackwood were our next opposition and it was clear that they too were an experienced side. Reid O’Callaghan and Angus Crosby were exceptional in the first half and allowed us to take a strong lead into half time. This enabled us to have some positional changes (including allowing Thomas Humphrey to show his creative shooting ability) in the second half and at full time the score was 24 to 17. Our final game was against Easter Fleurieu tested the fitness and concentration of both teams. Brae Rawnsley played a brilliant first half in wing defence linking well with Leo Thomson in wing attack. Ultimately, pressure from Will O’Callaghan in centre and Reid O’Callaghan in goal attack allowed us to run away with this game 29 goals to 10.

The day was a great experience for all players. Huge thanks must go to Monica and Gavin O’Callaghan who supported the team through their games and scored each match. Unfortunately, the team does not get to progress to the next round this time; however, we have our sights firmly set on 2023 and going one step further!

Ms Miriam Doyle
Kostka Middle Years House Leader

IMG 3033

Leo Thomson, Angus Crosby, Reid O’Callaghan, Thomas Humphrey, Jonathan Nguyen, Tim Wilson, Will O’Callaghan, Brae Rawnsley

IMG 2748

Reid O’Callaghan

IMG 2756

Will O’Callaghan

IMG 2847

Thomas Humphrey

IMG 2854

Reid O’Callaghan and Angus Crosby

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