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National Sorry Day – 26 May

On 26 May 1997, the Bringing Them Home Report was published, detailing decades of mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people during the 20th century. This report was written in response to an inquiry into the Government’s role in separating Aboriginal children, whom we now call the Stolen Generations, from their families and attempting to assimilate them into ‘white’ Australia. The intergenerational trauma from this is still felt by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today.

On 26 May 1998, the first National Sorry Day was held, and from 2005 onwards it has been known as National Day of Healing. It is hoped that with the acknowledgement of the past and achieving justice for those who have been wronged, we can move into healing and reconciliation.

National Reconciliation Week – 27 May to 3 June

Friday 27 May, the anniversary of the 1967 referendum that finally allowed Aboriginal people to be counted in the census, begins National Reconciliation Week. On that day, mini donuts decorated with the Aboriginal flag will be sold at recess time for $2 each (pictured right), with all proceeds going towards schools on Bathurst Island and at Daly River. On Saturday 28 May at Indigenous Round, the donuts will again be sold, and there will also be a barbecue raising money for the same cause. Kaurna and Peramangk Elder Uncle Ivan Tiwu Copley will conduct a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony before the First XVIII match.

Throughout week 5, students will take part in activities during Mentor Time to learn about and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. At lunchtime on Wednesday and Friday, Uncle Ivan will do damper and fish cooking demonstrations near the undercroft. We hope that students take every opportunity to learn about Australia’s long history and the oldest continuous surviving culture in the world during this week.

Victoria Coxhill

Aboriginal Education Coordinator

Aboriginal Flag Donuts
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