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On Friday, 18th August all of our Junior Primary students gathered for a whole school assembly in the Tappeiner Gymnasium (wearing their bright orange hats) to acknowledge the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

The theme this year was ‘Growing Connections’ and it promoted the importance of student connectedness and sense of belonging, helping students to feel accepted, respected, included and supported. Research has shown that strong school community connections and social skills are protective factors in the prevention of bullying and enable positive self-seeking behaviour in students.

To foster these connections and to reinforce to the students the importance of social skills and having a positive mindset, we invited Matt from NED’s Mindset Mission to perform at our assembly. This 45-minute assembly took students on a journey filled with storytelling, illusions, yo-yo tricks and humour. NED’s Mindset Mission was most entertaining and filled with so many important life skills such as the power of encouraging others, being confident, sparking courage in others, not giving up when life becomes challenging and always doing your best.

If the engagement and participation of the students was any indication, NED’s message was very well received!

Dave Carey
Director of Student Wellbeing - Junior School


Matt from NED’s Mindset Mission performing to our students at assembly

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