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In week 9, 65 students from years 7-12 performed in our Theatre Arts performance Musical Memories for two nights on the Richard Flynn Theatre stage. Musical Memories was a retrospective of College musicals from 2012-2021. Audiences saw moments from Singing in the Rain (2012), Beauty and the Beast (2014), Grease (2016), Hairspray (2018) and Wicked (2020). The night was led by our two Drama Captains Nick Mander and Adele Haese.

Old Ignatians Chelsea Clavert (nee Gilbert) Nick Munday Class of 2014; Josie Giorgio, Class of 2016, Daniel Belperio, Jack Mencel, Krystina Vlachoulis Leo Zerella Class of 2018, Thomas Sheldon Class of 2019, and Jack Sargeant Class of 2020, sent us video tributes of their time involved in these musicals, and the impact this has had on not only their time at the College, but what they took away from the experience. We also paid tribute to Old Ignatian Spencer Fullgrabe who played the part of Danny Zuko in Grease and past staff member John Liebelt who sadly, have passed away.

All students worked so very hard over two terms to perfect these different musicals into one entire showcase. Many of these students had never done anything like this before, but they very much leapt in a had a go. It was a wonderful look back on the beautiful moments that we had created as a College community within the Creative Arts.

The Musical Production Team

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