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Guest speaker, Monika Stankiewicz (Class of 2012), visited our Year 10 Science class to present the process and challenges of designing a Moon Base. Monika is an old scholar and a PhD student in Space Architecture at the University of Adelaide. She presented high level considerations in building a base on the moon, including location, logistical details and architectural features. Students also learnt about environmental protection​, mobility in space and how to keep people mentally, physically and spiritually​ healthy on the moon. Monika’s unique and engaging presentation motivated and inspired our Year 10 students who were designing a Moon base for their STEAM presentation. Students were also introduced to the many types of career opportunities which are rapidly increasing in the space industry.

Fiona Dimopoulos
Teacher of Mathematics


Guest speaker Monika Stankiewicz

Year 10 Healthy Relationships Presentation
Young Composers Awards