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Last Wednesday, all Year 10 students, as part of their Personal Learning Plan undertook Mock Interviews. The aim of the exercise was to develop and hone valuable interview skills. All students were required to attend a fifteen-minute-long interview conducted by a panel of industry professionals. Twenty-two volunteers were in attendance interviewing students and providing valuable feedback.

Students, under the guidance of their teachers, wrote Cover Letters and Resumes in response to job advertisements. The resulting documents enabled the interviewers to prepare in-depth questions and scenarios related to individual skills and competencies.

In discussion with students, post interview, they felt the experience was highly relevant given many will be looking to enhance their employability in the future. Students appreciated the interviewer’s expertise and guidance.

The success of the night was due to many, in particular the teachers who prepared the students very thoroughly. The administrative staff finalised the schedules and ensured the event ran smoothly.

Overall, the students were punctual, well dressed, and professional throughout the night, impressing many. A significant number of volunteers return annually as they thoroughly enjoy interacting with students due to their enthusiasm, engagement, rigour, and high level of skill in communicating their intentions.

Mary-Anne Hobbs
Curriculum Coordinator Cross-Disciplinary Studies.

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