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Year 10 students participating in the Moon camp challenge had the opportunity to attend a session on lunar habitats and the possibilities of human colonization on the Moon.

Guest speaker and old scholar, Monika Stankiewicz (Class of 2012), who is a PhD Student in Lunar Architecture at The University of Adelaide, provided an overview of the latest developments in lunar research and exploration. Monika discussed the challenges and opportunities associated with living on the Moon and shared insights into the potential impacts of lunar colonization on the future of humanity.

The event was a unique opportunity for our students to delve into the wonders of space exploration. Monika’s inspiring presentation shed light on the exciting prospects of lunar living but also the career opportunities in the space field in South Australia.

Fiona Dimopoulos
Teacher of Mathematics and Physics

Andrew Dodson
Faculty Leader Science and Technology

Moon challenge guest speaker2

Monika Stankiewicz speaking to our Year 10 students

Oliphant Science Awards Winners
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