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From Monday, 29th August to Friday, 2nd September we celebrated Languages Week at the Senior School, a week designed to raise awareness of the benefits of learning a second language and celebrate the linguistic diversity in our community. The week began with a student led prayer during our Monday morning staff briefing, followed with a Language Kahoot activity within Mentor Groups; students were challenged to test their general knowledge about the languages taught at the College. Throughout the week, the Year 9 Research task focusing on the experience of migrants and refugees was showcased in the library. Each Language area identified a period of displacement within their country, and students were asked to explore the experience and report their findings. The visual and digital presentations of students’ work were outstanding.

The week culminated with a Languages Plaza in the Undercroft at lunch. Students were treated with the opportunity to indulge in Chicken Satays, Spring Rolls, Cannoli and Eclairs, whilst testing their skills in activities such as Petanque and Scopa. In addition, a language themed photo booth was a great attraction for many; here students immersed themselves in the language theme and celebrated all things multicultural. With music abound, the plaza was a great success and enjoyed by both students and staff.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the Language Faculty for their contributions and support of this celebration. We are very blessed to be part of a community where language study is encouraged, and to share our passion of culture and language with students.

Mrs Gabby Puntillo
Curriculum Coordinator - Languages

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