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The Junior School Sports Day was held on Friday 10 March with students being met with ideal conditions at the Senior School Campus. It was a welcomed return of both the Junior School and Senior School Carnivals taking place concurrently once again! As students descended on Bourke Oval you could feel the excitement build on what is a very thrilling day. It was great to see the house spirit on display with students taking the time to wear their House colours and decorate their House area. This is always a special harmonious day for the College and the atmosphere was electric across both Carnivals. By being together, it enables family and friends the opportunity to drift between the two events and Junior School staff are able to reunite with students who are progressing through their senior years. It was evident that all students showed great competiveness and put in a huge effort, whilst still displaying sportsmanship and the right spirit. The final event for the Junior School as always was the combined relay with the Senior School. Each House randomly selected a boy and girl from Year 3 right through to Year 12. With all Junior and Senior School students keenly observing the race the atmosphere was electrifying due to the deafening cheering. Campion entered the day as strong favorites as they had won six of the previous seven Sports Days. A huge amount of work goes into the planning and running of these events and I would like to thank not only the Junior School staff but also the Senior School staff for the efforts on the day and leading up to it. The parents and friends committee also did a fantastic job with the bake stall and the Vili’s Pie Cart was a hit.

Final Results:

1st Campion - 787
2nd Xavier – 713
3rd Kostka - 651
4th Regis - 639

Lachlan Bartlett
Co-Curricular Coordinator

IMG 0227

Campion House leaders Sebastian Cherry and Sofia Baldas receiving the Sports Day shield from Fr Peter Hosking SJ and Nic Boys

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