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The Junior Legacy Public Speaking Award is an annual, national public speaking competition that encourages young speakers to develop their confidence and speech performance capabilities by delivering prepared and short notice speeches. The speakers are required to write a five-minute prepared speech on a topic of their choice, but they must reference one of four key Legacy virtues.

I am delighted to share that Gabrielle Elias, in Year 9, will be representing South Australia in the National Final, held in Launceston on Monday 14 November. This is quite a significant achievement, given that Gabrielle also spoke in the National Final for Rostrum Voice of Youth, in Sydney on 30 July.

As a testimony to the ongoing development of a range of our speakers, Saint Ignatius also had Erin Ng and Sharon Zhang, both in Year 8, speak in the Legacy State Final on Friday 26 August. All three are to be commended for their polished speaking performances.

Gabrielle is only the second Ignatian student to make the National Final of both the Rostrum and Junior Legacy competitions, and now has the opportunity to join Lucia Doyle as our only National Champion. We are tremendously proud of her achievements and wish her well in Launceston

Remo Borgo
Public Speaking Coach

IMG 01

Gaby, Sharon and Erin with their certificates

IMG 02

Gaby being presented with her certificate and trophy by Legacy CEO Kerryn Smith

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