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Year 10 Art students, currently studying portraiture, produced graphic portraits inspired by Julian Opie. Opie is a contemporary British artist well known for his minimalist linear style which he frequently uses to portray everyday activities. His use of unmodulated colour characterises his work which frequently appears fresh and clean.

Based on photographic references, students in Ms Hobbs’ class, reduced their drawings to the point where only essential lines were included. The aim was to capture an expression that directly linked to their appearance, hence making the works easily identifiable. Colour and pattern, inspired by the contemporary quality evident within Opie’s work, were incorporated, based on contrast and dynamism.

Students responded by creating highly personalized images, executed in permanent pen and Posca paint markers, on layers of clear film.

Mary-Anne Hobbs
Curriculum Coordinator of Art

Artwork featured below: Eugena Kim, Matilda Kimber and Monique Varricchio

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