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Lino printing or lino cutting is a simple artistic process with exquisite results. It is rich in line, texture, form, and shape. Elements also explored through the printed artworks of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Australia’s Margaret Preston. These artists utilised the lino printing process as a means of creating artworks with a focus of simplification of motifs and subject matter. Exploring the notion of identity, Year 9 Art students were then inspired by the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival, along with Mexican artist Jose Posada, and the motion picture movie Book of Life (2014). This led to the creation of a vibrant, decorative self-portrait print distinctively embodied with an array of symbols, costumes, and features that both represent themselves and emphasised a celebration of life through art. The results were an expressive lino print that embodies individuality and creative expression.

Helen John
Teacher of Art and Design

Year 9 Art Leila Randell

Artist: Leila Randell

Year 9 Art Amy Carey

Artist: Amy Carey

Year 9 Art Lily Hombsch

Artist: Lily Hombsch

Year 9 Art Willa Ogden

Artist: Willa Ogden

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