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During the Term 3 holidays and Week 1, fourteen students and five staff members embarked on an immersion to Daly River in the Northern Territory. Throughout this journey all participants were able to grow as people with the challenges that we encountered. By the end of this journey through all the experiences that we were a part of together, our relationships were significantly strengthened.

The journey started with us flying to Darwin and then driving down to Daly River. We got comfortable at the Banyan Farm Tourist Park before settling into the Nauiyu community throughout the following days. We spent a lot of our time creating connections at the St Francis Xavier School which was extremely valuable for everyone involved. Our students helped by demonstrating science experiments to the students well as running Sports Day for the whole school. Throughout the three days that we were at the school, we got to know the students well and were able to understand what they go through every day. We also travelled two hours to the small community of Wudikapildyerr to help paint and clean the classroom of their school and made special connections with the children there as well.

On this journey, we learnt about Indigenous culture and traditions mainly through our interactions with locals Cynthia and Monica. All staff and students participated in each Welcome to Country and listened intently to the stories that were shared with us. We engaged in activities like making damper, fishing and looking for crocodile eggs in the sandbanks of Daly River. Every night we were involved in reflections that were led by Danika that allowed us to truly think about every event in each day and what they mean to us. These reflections were integral to our journey, and they were what enabled us grow and make this experience truly worthwhile.

Overall, the Daly River immersion is one of the biggest ways that students can thrive and grow as people. It is an experience that leaves a lasting impact on the participants and the things that each person learnt will stick with us forever.

James Randell and Thomas Horsfall
Year 10 Students

From the Head of Senior School
Ekiden Cross Country Relay