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Biodiversity was the hot focus on Friday for the Year 11 Biology students. We were blessed with fantastic weather as we travelled to Port Noarlunga Aquatic Centre to deepen our understanding of ecosystem dynamics. Conservation efforts were the topic matter of the morning, when students had the opportunity to kayak in one of the Onkaparinga tributaries. One group of students travelled a distance of nearly 4 km in their kayaks and visited an area of biological significance, a protected section of mud flats that are a nesting site for a variety of bird species. In the afternoon, students took the boat out to the reef and were able to experience first-hand the reef ecosystem and the niche adaptations of the organisms that live there. Students then went snorkelling and had the opportunity to see the complex community of organisms below the surface. Throughout the day, the students enjoyed the delivery of information from instructors with expertise in the area of biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics. The day certainly provided enrichment, context and plenty of invaluable memories for Biology students.

Emma Toker
Stage 1 Biology

Bio 1

Lab technician James Lodge with students with Kiet, Darryl and Elizabeth

Bio 2

The year 11 girls following their 4 km kayak

Bio 4

Inara, Tahlia, Ella and Lily getting very excited about their headgear prior to snorkelling

Bio 5

One of the Port Noarlunga instructors talking about the impact of the desalination plant on the fragile coastal ecosystem

Bio 6

Students looking at the mussels attached to the exposed reef

Bio 7

Students getting ready to begin snorkelling

Bio 8

Kaden and Daniel on the boat near the reef

Bio 9

A group of students enjoying the afternoon sun before snorkelling

Bio 10

Teacher Emma Radbone enjoying the afternoon sun with students Kiet, Darryl and Elizabeth

Biology teacher Emma Toker with students before scuba diving

Biology teacher Emma Toker with students before scuba diving

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Lunar Science and Space Exploration