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At the end of last term, two groups of our Year 10 students participated in an immersion to the Ikara Flinders Ranges. It was a wonderful experience for our students and staff. Over the journey we learnt, discussed, and gathered around a variety of ideas and information. At times, it challenged and expanded our perspective, thinking, and patience. It gave opportunity for awareness of difference and diversity within a group of travelling companions.

We shared about Reconciliation and our role in journeying together to foster and generate a united community. We learnt about the indigenous experience, culture, tradition and perspective - mainly through our interactions with Kristian Coulthard and his sharing about the Adnyamathanha. In walking with him we saw his appreciation and connection with spirituality and our relationships with land, animals and plants.

We learnt much about group dynamics – the respect, the opinions, the diversity, and the current and past experiences that shape our perspectives. Some of these differences were particularly evident in the cold, the hungry and the tired!

Jarrumwani is one of the most significant ways that the College educates students about Indigenous Culture. It is an experience that leaves a lasting impression on participants and a deep appreciation for the long and rich history of our First Nations People.

Ms Emma Lilley
Faculty Leader – HPE and RE

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