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Virtual War Memorial Australia

On Friday 5 May Saint Ignatius' College was notified that four of our students have been awarded with medals for their outstanding contribution to military history research for the Schools Program hosted by the Virtual War Memorial Australia website. These students will receive their awards at a ceremony at Torrens Parade Grounds on 7 June from State Education Minister Hon Blair Boyer. Also to be acknowledged at this ceremony are the teachers that guided their students to complete this research project.

The successful students (research link to the soldier they researched) and their respective teachers are;

Matilda Byrnes, teacher: Stephen Uren -

Fernando Osborn, teacher: Victoria Coxhill -

Andreas Chignola-Torres, teacher: Antony Bauze

Elisa Hinton, teacher: Grace Parsons -

Ask Hatshepsut Performance

In Week 2 the Year 7 Students enjoyed the dramatic performance of Ask Hatshepsut in the Flynn theatre. This informative and high energy performance drew upon many of the themes that the Year 7 students have been studying in class this term. The themes explored the role of the Pharaoh, religious beliefs and even bad Dad jokes to deliver an alternative means of curriculum delivery.

Many thanks to Mr Simon Butler, the Curriculum Coordinator of History, for organising this presentation.

Mr Stephen Uren
Faculty Leader Humanities/ CDS

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