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In the Red Room, we have been discussing the significance of Harmony Week, sharing what we already know about showing kindness to other humans. Throughout the week we read many books including ‘Whoever you are’ and ‘I’m Australian too’ both by Mem Fox, becoming aware of the diverse and unique people that we share the world with. We collaborated to create a picture of the earth with all the Red Room children standing on it, symbolising how we are all different, but we all belong. To remember the importance of sharing our land with the First Nations People, we placed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags in the middle of our lunch table. As always, we paid respect to the Kaurna People whose land we share, by singing Nina Marni Welcome each morning. The Red Room children show kindness in their everyday interactions and in the way they care for their environment. Celebrating Harmony Day has allowed us to think deeply about the many other people we share the world with and how we can continue to be connected with and contribute to our world.

Here are some the children's words.

Romola age 4 : If you come from a different country, it’s okay to play with someone else or if someone wants to be your friends from China. It’s okay to be friends with people who are different.

Max age 4 : Sharing your toys you’re playing with is important. We all have different coloured skin and hair colour. We have different eyes, we come from different places like China and Italy. We be very kind to others.

Jacob age 4 : Being kind and sharing and caring. They look different because Jesus made them all different and didn’t want us to look all the same. We share at school with our friends and share our love.

Tori McDonnell

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