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Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 were recently invited to enter GTASA’s (Geography Teacher’s Association of South Australia) Photo Competition. The purpose of this exciting competition is to promote the importance of Geography in schools and to provide students an opportunity to step outside and view South Australia through a geographical lens. After receiving more than 100 entries, our panel of judges had the tough job of narrowing down the entries to our school's top 5 to be entered into the state competition. A big congratulations is due to our winning entries from Megan Tukja, Thomas Nath, Holly James, Kacper Jachachy, and Hannah Pham. Thank you to all the students for entering the competition, and for personifying the motto that “Geography is going places...”

Mr Angelo Picca
Curriculum Coordinator of Geography

Megan Tukja GTASA

Megan Tukja's GTASA Submission

Thomas Nath GTASA

Thomas Nath's GTASA Submission

Holly James GTASA

Holly James's GTASA Submission

Kacper Jachachy GTASA

Kacper Jachachy's GTASA Submission

Hannah Pham GTASA

Hannah Pham's GTASA Submission

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