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This week the Future Problem Solvers have received evaluation of Practice Problem 2: Building Green from Future Problem Solving Australia. The students had been very receptive of the feedback for their first booklet and this enabled them to make vast improvements in their second booklet.

Bonus points were awarded throughout the second booklet for originality, creativity, and futuristic ideas. When identifying Possible Problems, the feedback was that students’ ideas were “really creative and use a lot of thinking outside the box”. Their writing was often supported by research and showed that the Future Scene narrative was approached from a variety of angles, including law, physical health, defence, social relationships, and environment.

Step 2: Select an Underlying Problem, is a critical and traditionally tricky step, where it is easy to become disqualified. However, the evaluators commented that the students “aimed to address the cause of the issue” and the “structure is strong and your condition phrase was concise and informative, giving you a sturdy base to work with in future”.

In Step 3: Solution Ideas, the evaluators noted “lots of great, creative solutions”, one of which was chosen by the students for the final Action Plan. This plan scored close to full marks for being a creative, futuristic, well-developed plan that fully solved the chosen underlying problem. Future Problem Solvers are congratulated on the huge growth in their skills between Practice Problems 1 and 2. This places them in a very good position to complete their Qualifying Problem in Week 2 under exam conditions.

Ms Joanne Cameron-Smith
Inclusive Education Teacher
Teacher in Charge of Future Problem Solving