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The College production of High School Musical finished its season well. Engaging students of a range of ages, the performances were full of energy and ability. Congratulations to all staff and students involved. Last night the Junior School had ‘A Night at the Theatre’, showcasing wonderful emerging talent.

We had the Senior Sport Awards presentation this week, with Tom Jonas from Port Power as our guest speaker. Our basketballers had a good Jesuit Carnival in Melbourne last weekend and competed in the grand final. Congratulations to our debaters who have performed well this season, with one team soon to compete in the final. And well done to all the students who participated in the Achilles Cup this week. On Tuesday the Senior School gathered for the Bells of La Storta relay.

At the Senior School Assembly this week, our new House and co-curricular leaders were announced. While formal leadership structures, such as senior leaders, play a pivotal role, the leadership exhibited by every member of the community holds essential significance. Every person of integrity who contributes positively to the community has the power to inspire and guide others toward goodness. Most leadership is covert and unassuming. It is to be found in a gentle word of encouragement, in the helping of another, the steering of a conversation, reminding someone of that which is not worthy of them, a suggestion, a small service. These are tasks we can all fulfil.

2024 Captains Leaders and College Leadership

2024 Senior School Student Leadership Team

We are seeking your financial support for the Andrea Pozzo Centre for Art, Design, and Technology. Any contribution, large or small, will help our fundraising efforts. To learn more about the centre, click here. And to donate, click here.

This week we had our annual Cancer Awareness event in support of the Childhood Cancer Association and Variety Children’s Charity. Sixteen students had their hair cut to make wigs for individuals who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment. Click here if you wish to make a donation in support of this:

Over the break we have an immersion for Year 10s to Daly River and wish students and staff a safe and meaningful Jarrumwani ‘Journey of the Heart’.

On 14 October 2023, Australian citizens will vote in the referendum on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament. As we reflect on the upcoming referendum, the following may be of interest or

We hope the October break is a restful and joyful one for all in our community.

Fr Peter Hosking SJ

OREMUS (Let us pray)

We remember all in our College community. May our prayers comfort those suffering at this time. May God’s blessing be a source of support in their sorrow and loss, and bring courage, patience, and hope.

“Ask and you shall receive … knock and the door will be opened unto you.” (Matt 7:7)

If you would like someone to be remembered by the College community in prayer (even anonymously), please provide details to the Rector, class or Mentor Teacher, or House Leader.

School Holiday Office Closures
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