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This week I found myself reflecting on the very important role played by the elders in our community. There were three separate events that influenced my thoughts in this way.

Firstly, on Sunday we held a reunion at the Junior School for Old Ignatians who graduated fifty or more years ago. A number of them attended the 8.30 am Mass at Norwood first, which was celebrated by three Old Ignatian Jesuits, Bishop O’Kelly SJ, Father Hosking SJ, and Father Horvat SJ, before then adjourning to the school hall.

Around sixty Old Ignatians attended, graduating in years from 1956 to 1972. Our 2022 College Captains, Maisie Keenihan and Jeremy Schell, also attended and spoke to the gathering of our gratitude for their contribution to our school culture, and how today we are continuing the legacy established by them in the school’s infancy. Maisie also spoke about the importance of reflection on experience and Jeremy on the role of friendship in our culture. All present were appreciative of their sentiments.

One Old Ignatian, Reno Aquilina, who left us in 1958, was encouraged to speak a little of his life’s journey, which has led him to live in the French alps where, among other things, he accommodates refugees from Ukraine. He also travelled recently to the Jesuit works in Hazaribagh in India, and it was wonderful to hear him speak of how his experiences at our school have influenced him throughout his life. He really is a ‘man for others’.

The other two events highlighting the importance of our elders were the Grandparents Mornings at both the Junior School on Monday and the Senior School on Friday.

In both instances, our students were very proud to show our guests around their school, and the happiness on the faces of all concerned was a delight to witness.

At the Junior School, the morning liturgy conducted by some of our Reception students was a joy to share, whilst at the Senior School we commenced our elders’ visit with a Mass. In both circumstances, morning tea was shared, and I would particularly like to thank our Parents and Friends for their generous assistance in helping us host our guests.

I have no doubt that grandparents play a very important role in the lives of our students. In our complex world, grandparents provide our students with wonderful examples of generosity and unconditional love. For many of our families, grandparents enable family life to function with drop-offs, pick-ups, caring for the sick, and co-curricular transport and barracking − just some of the ways in which they support our children.

They also provide us with wisdom and insight gained from years of experience and life lessons.

I thoroughly enjoyed all three events this week, and I was left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the contributions of our elders – long may they continue!

Deo Gloria

Mr Peter Coffey

OREMUS (Let us pray)

For those who are sick:

- Mark Henschke (OI 1967)

We remember all in our College community. May our prayers comfort those suffering at this time. May God’s blessing be a source of support in their sorrow and loss, and bring courage, patience, and hope.

“Ask and you shall receive … knock and the door will be opened unto you.” (Matt 7:7)

If you would like someone to be remembered by the College community in prayer (even anonymously), please provide details to the Rector, class or Mentor Teacher, or House Leader.

2023 School Fees

The College’s 2023 budget was approved by Jesuit Education Australia (JEA) earlier this week.

An enormous amount of work goes into this submission and I’d particularly like to thank and acknowledge our Head of Business, Sam Trenerry and Finance Manager, Jane Allen for their work.

The Finance & Audit sub-committee of the College Board, Chaired by Mr Marcus Black, have provided great leadership throughout this process and I would also like to thank all on this committee for their contribution.

Tuition fees for 2023 will increase by 2.5%.

We recognise that this increase is greater than that of recent years but unfortunately our operating costs have increased significantly during this inflationary period.

We realise that many of our families make great sacrifices to send their children to the College and we will always endeavour to minimise fee increases.

I take this opportunity to once again remind and encourage our families experiencing financial hardship to contact the College’s Finance Department.

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From the Head of Senior School