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From the Parents and Friends Association on behalf of the College.

In the past, families at enrolment were provided with an option to approve the sharing of their personal information for the purpose of the parent rep program.

We now live in a different time and legislation, cybersecurity policies and changes to privacy laws have had a significant impact on how the College collects, stores and shares information.

Most importantly, the College cannot ensure the confidentiality of personal data once it is shared with third parties – nor can we guarantee that the data will not be disseminated in a way that contradicts an individual’s wishes.

There are other ways we can reach our families the Ignatian is a touchpoint to share events. All families receive this.

The closed Facebook groups are the platform for ongoing parent conversation and the Advancement Team will continue to support your efforts too. Should you need verification on names or require information to be shared with any parent, please do so via the Advancement Office.

- Sam Trenerry - Head of Business

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