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Education 4.0

The traditional one-size-fits-all education model is being challenged as it is no longer fit for purpose in a world that is constantly changing. A white paper titled Defining Education 4.0: A Taxonomy for the Future of Learning by the World Economic Forum (WEF) calls for the explicit development of cognitive and non-cognitive aptitudes that are teachable and learnable. The paper argues that the focus of an effective education model should be on empowering young learners to develop their uniquely human qualities, abilities, and skills that are unlikely to ever be replaced by technology.

We are therefore in a period where education is being challenged to forge a new narrative. I am of the belief that our Ignatian narrative is also changing to ensure we have an educational model that is contemporary and meets the needs of our students and the world they will live in. The link below offers an extended article, where I attempt to draw some connections and offer some suggestions from the white paper presented by the World Economic Forum to what we are striving for here at Saint Ignatius’ College.

Kain Noack
Head of Studies and Innovation

From the Principal
From the Head of Senior School