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Dear families and students,

Last year we communicated some changes to our assessment and reporting structures, having developed an assessment and reporting policy which was reflective of contemporary assessment theory and our Ignatian ethos.

We introduced a non-graded ‘commitment to learning’ rubric as part of the end of term reports, providing feedback on student learning processes and ongoing opportunities for growth. This rubric also had a focus on acknowledging the human skills necessary to support learning.

In addition to this we also established a clear reporting cycle, acknowledging the integrated relationship between each of the various reporting tools used within the Senior School to communicate student learning. This cycle can be seen in the graphic below:

This year, this cycle will remain largely the same. In particular, we have a commitment to ensure that ongoing continuous reporting of student progress and growth occurs via our SEQTA platform. This means that at regular intervals, students and families will access ‘live’ assessment and learning results. This will include attainment results, growth indicators, and feedback of and for learning.

As a result of this commitment to using SEQTA to release ongoing assessment information, the College has decided that ‘formal reports’, in the past released at the end of each term, will now only need to occur at the conclusion of each semester. It is hoped that this may alleviate some of the ‘bottlenecking’ of assessment tasks that often occurs in the latter weeks of each term, thereby reducing student assessment demands.

To complement the use of SEQTA continuous reporting and semester reports, we will also continue to provide opportunities for families to participate in subject conversations during the mid-point of a semester. These conversations are seen as a ‘value-add’ opportunity offered to families and students who may be seeking additional feedback for improvement. This feedback will be beyond what will have been communicated up to that point, via continuous reporting and other means such as email and phone calls. Information regarding the dates and details of these conversations will be forthcoming soon. Of course, families are reminded that they can request to speak to their child’s subject teachers at any time throughout the year and that this isn’t restricted to the formal subject conversations dates.

We believe that we have a reporting cycle that affords students and families opportunities to adequately track learning progress. We also believe that this cycle complements contemporary beliefs about assessment and reporting, recognising that learning is individual, ongoing, and that every child succeeds in making a years’ worth of growth for every year that they are at school.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the College.

With best wishes,

Kain Noack
Head of Studies and Innovation

Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

Peter Rossi
Director of Teaching and Learning - Senior School

From the Rector
From the Head of Cocurricular