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As we come to the end of a long and tiring term, your child will soon receive their Term 1 report.

As has been previously communicated through both the Ignatian newsletter and a separate EdSmart notification, we have implemented some changes to our reporting processes and structure. Whilst for each subject area you will continue to see an attainment grade based on assessment performances throughout the term, you will also notice a new ‘commitment to learning’ rubric. This rubric is an important step forward for the College in communicating our desire to represent the development of human (social and emotional) competencies that play an essential role in a child’s ability to learn. Additionally, the rubric shifts the conversation about ‘learning’ as not only being about performance against a set of year level standards, but also growth/progress over time. As such, the commitment to learning rubric provides you and your child feedback on observable behaviours that represent self-awareness and self-management skills, as well as how they play a role in contributing to a positive classroom learning environment. The rubric offers you an opportunity to have a discussion with your child, affirming the behaviours they currently display, but also enabling a discussion about how further growth can still occur.

This week, through mentor class time, students have had a chance to explore and discuss the new rubric and engage in some activities to better understand it. Please find these resources in the links below for your interest.

Commitment to Learning - Worksheet

Commitment to Learning - Exemplar Behaviours

Commitment to Learning - Frequently Asked Questions

I hope that over time, as we all become more familiar with the rubric, it will prompt rich discussions and positive growth in all of our students, enabling them to become the young men and women we desire.

I wish everyone a blessed and happy Easter.

Mr Kain Noack
Head of Studies and Innovation

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