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Dear families

Ignatius spoke of the ideal Jesuit always having ‘one foot raised’ so that we may respond to new opportunities. At the same time, the grounded foot reminds us of our stable past. With this in mind, we have recently made some changes to our reporting processes to better reflect the neuroscience of learning and the contemporary purpose and application of assessment in reflecting student learning.

Careful consideration has been given to the variety of reporting tools we use, what they communicate, and how they collectively build a picture of learning.

The link below is a short video of the changes we have made to our end-of-term reports, commencing this term. You are encouraged to view the video. For those who would like to read a little more, a communication paper explaining the changes has been developed HERE.

Changes to Assessment & Reporting Video

We are confident that these changes better reflect and recognise student growth and attainment as we continue to improve what we measure and how we communicate your child’s learning.

Kain Noack
Head of Studies and Innovation

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