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This has been a dynamic week at the College, with the Year 7 students on their camp Igxperience in Piccadilly and the Year 10 students at their various work placements. The Year 11s have been dedicated to their community service as part of the Caroline Chisholm Program, and the Year 9 students have been involved in their wellbeing and gender-based Respect programs. Thank you to all the staff for their work in ensuring the success of these truly valuable experiences for our students.

We have two groups of our Year 10 students and staff who are currently in the Flinders Ranges as part of the Jarrumwani Ikara Immersion. They will receive a wonderful orientation to the indigenous culture of the Ikara-Flinders Ranges. Kristian Coulthard will introduce them to the Adnyamathanha (the Indigenous people of the area) and their Yura Muda (Dreaming). They will do walks to Sacred Canyon and the Great Wall of China. They will learn about the local geology, flora, and fauna through Brachina Gorge and elsewhere. The two groups will join for an outdoor Mass with Father Peter and Father Eka, and each night they will have had some time for journaling, reflection, and sharing. Please see some images below from the Ikara Immersion.

As part of our end-of-term celebrations, the staff had the opportunity to farewell Mr Ben Rogoznica, who completed a contract of teaching English at the Senior School. We are very grateful for Mr Rogoznica’s service to the College community and wish him well in his next placement.

The Senior Formal will be held tonight at the Hilton, and we look forward to this wonderful celebration to end Term 2.

I wish all students and families a well-deserved holiday break!

Mr Phil Donato
Head of Senior

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