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The Year 10 STEAM and Entrepreneurial Education Project teaches skills in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. The Year 10 Science classes have been working on various project-based learning activities with a scientific basis, such as sustainable cosmetics, human robotics, sustainable energy, food technologies, cheese making, sustainable product design, and building a moon base. Students investigated and deconstructed various problems in order to solve an issue or challenge. The Showcase Evening on Monday enabled groups to present their learning to an audience as young scientists and entrepreneurs. We are grateful to the Year 10 Science teachers, led by the Faculty Leader, Mr Andrew Dodson, and Curriculum Coordinator of Senior Years Science, Mr Mark Stevens, for their guidance and support of our students in this experience.

Year 8 World of Work was held on Friday. This provided Year 8 students with an experience for a day in the workplace or local business of family or friends. We are grateful for the work of Vocational Services Coordinator, Mrs Lisa McDonald, in coordinating this day.

Our Year 12s will attend the Graduation Ball on Saturday at the Convention Centre. We hope it is an enjoyable evening for the graduating class and their families.

Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

From the Rector
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