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On Monday night, our Year 11 Drama class presented their interpretation of Murders in the Heir, an enticing mystery with twists and turns, inviting the audience to embark on a journey of deduction. The production was much more than an entertaining performance, but an experience akin to a game of Cluedo. We are grateful to Miss Katie Gue and all the staff who support our Drama program.

On Wednesday night, our Year 10 students participated in their mock interviews. This is a compulsory activity as part of their SACE Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan (PLP) course. The students created resumes and application letters (in response to a selected advertisement) and assembled a personal portfolio. The final part is the interview with a member of the community, which for most of the students was their first experience of the interview process. We are most grateful to all those who volunteered to act as potential employers and conduct the interviews. We also thank the coordinator of the program (Mrs Mary-Anne Hobbs), the PLP teachers, and all the staff who supported this wonderful experience.

Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

From the Principal
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