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The month of September is also known as the “Season of Creation”, and Pope Francis sets out to awaken our respect for Creation. He invites us to see the world not as something apart from us but as a delicate and interlocking set of relationships of which we are part. The season invites us to appreciate our world through the lens of God’s love in the making of our world and in all our relationships in it. The season calls us to be thankful. It is a time to attend to our world to celebrate its beauty and respect its delicacy, and to join others in coming to its defence.

Organisations such as the Mercy International Association remind us of our call to action globally during this time. This is a time to celebrate, a time of renewal; we give thanks and commit to care for all living things. We must hear the cries of Earth and those rendered poor while echoing Pope Francis’ call to “strengthen the conviction that we are one single human family”. More information can be found on their website at

This week we celebrated Arts and Activities Week. At the Senior School Assembly, Neve Sargeant, Captain of Arts and Activities, promoted the wonderful week of student activities, which started with the Tournament of the Minds and included House Debating, performances of the Senior Vocal Ensemble, a Musical Flash Mob, the Senior Stage Band, and House Chess. We are most grateful for the work of Mr Aaron Dohse, Coordinator of Arts & Activities, for his endless support of the students. Neve also mentioned next week’s upcoming musical – High School Musical, for which 95 students ranging from Years 7 to 12 have been preparing for the past five months.

House debating

House Debating during Arts and Activities Week

Mr Panos, Sport Coordinator, presented the individual winning Intercol shields to the students, and the overall shield, for the third year in a row, to Mrs Morrish.

Intercol Sheild

College Captains Eve Corso and Emmanuel Goh present the Intercol Shield to the Head of Co-curricular Jess Morrish

The Aerobics Captains, Camille Gauducheau and Sara Ciccozzi, presented the Dynamite team’s pennant, as gold medallist in the Secondary Pre-Choreographed Phase 2 section of the recent FISAF National Championships. We are most grateful for the work of Mrs Gabby Puntillo and Mrs Emma Toker, and coaches, in support of the aerobics program.

Aerobics Captains Camille Gauducheau and Sara Ciccozzi present the Dynamite teams pennant to Phil Donato

Aerobics Captains Camille Gauducheau and Sara Ciccozzi present the Dynamite team’s pennant to the Head of Senior School Phil Donato

Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

From the Rector
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