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This week, the Faith and Service Leaders of each House led a chapel service during Mentor Time, raising awareness of the harsh struggle confronting refugees. This exercise developed more understanding of what is a serious and daily reality for those fleeing persecution who experience rejection and privation. This encourages our solidarity for refugees and asylum seekers, our commitment to plead their cause, and our gratitude for the peace and homes we enjoy, as we prepare for Refugee Week from 18 to 24 June.

As we move though week 6 of a nine-week term, it is good to take time to review and remember what was joyful, that for which we are grateful, and when we did our best. It is also necessary to consider our regrets, where we might have done better, and what we need to do to restore relationships. This helps us know who we are and whose we are. We are called to love sincerely, to have hope, to believe, to do good, to be generous, to act justly, to witness to God in our world. This is our mission!

We look forward to living this mission in the weeks ahead. Please enjoy your long weekend.

Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

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