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I join with staff at the Senior School to welcome you all to Term 2.

Our Learning Management System, SEQTA, assists subject teachers to provide regular feedback to students and parents about a student’s growth in skills, knowledge, and understanding. We believe the timely communication of Continuous Reporting improves the learning progress. Parents and caregivers have indicated this online information on SEQTA is more informative and helpful than the summary comments previously offered in end-of-term reports. Please let Mr Rossi or me know if we can develop this process further.

We encourage parents and caregivers to make contact with subject teachers via e-mail, online, by phone, or in person by appointment as soon as possible when there are concerns. We also provide an opportunity for Subject Conversations at a scheduled time to discuss learning progress. With Subject Conversations, we do not expect parents to speak with all subject teachers but encourage you to prioritise two or three key subjects.

The Years 7 to 11 Subject Conversations will take place via Teams on Wednesday 10 May, Thursday 11 May, Tuesday 16 May, and Wednesday 17 May. Last term we had Stage 2 Subject Conversations and appreciate the suggestions from parents to improve these.

Next week we are launching a donation drive for nutritious food and warm winter clothing to support the St Vincent De Paul Society and the Adelaide Day Centre. This is known as our Winter Appeal. Could I encourage you to be generous in contributing what you can.

Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

From the Head of Studies and Innovation
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