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On Tuesday we had a warm celebration for the Xavier families and on Thursday a very hot gathering for Kostka families. We hope families had a chance to connect with other families and meet House Leaders and Mentor Teachers. Thank you to Michaela Carey, Leah Grainger, Danika Tremonte, the House Leaders, and others for organising these gatherings. We are pleased with the ways students have settled into House activities including the recent swimming carnival, and we look forward to the athletics carnival on 10 March.

This week we gathered in the Dennett Centre for our Ash Wednesday Mass. This marked the beginning of Lent and the launch of Project Compassion. The ashes are a symbol of where we have come from and that to which we will return. They are also a sign of the hope and love that we will all share in the glory of God’s love as beautiful stardust.

As we approach the halfway point of the term, we remind students to use SEQTA Learn to track when assessment tasks are scheduled and assignments are due. Being organised is a key to success. The SEQTA Engage module is available for parents to receive continuous reporting feedback throughout the year. Teachers should have course work, assignments, and other resources available on SEQTA Learn and up-to-date reports on SEQTA Engage.

On the weekend we commenced several co-curricular activities. We are blessed with good facilities to support our co-curricular program and are developing our approaches to coaching and training. It’s wonderful to see how our students and coaches represent the College with enthusiasm and respect. These are great opportunities for students to develop perseverance, resilience, and a sense of purpose.

Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

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