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We move into Holy Week this week. Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus' triumphant return to Jerusalem. Holy Thursday remembers the Last Supper where Jesus shared a final meal with His apostles and washed the feet of the twelve, as a symbol of His humility and servanthood. Jesus was subsequently arrested, tried, and then crucified at Calvary on Friday. He was buried and arose on Easter Sunday, for the forgiveness of our sins.

At the Senior School Assembly on the Bellarmine Lawns, our 2021 Duces of the College – Jackson Centenera, Antonia De Angelis, and Damiano Pavia shared some advice learned during their years at Saint Ignatius. They spoke about doing lots of little things better, the importance of community and our part in finding and forming that, and not being distracted by the imaginary but keeping it real. As they enter the world, we are confident they will bring joy to others and give much in service, especially for those who most need it.

Our special guest was recently elected MP Olivia Savvas (Class of 2013). The Member for Newland is the youngest person elected to SA’s Lower House. Olivia spoke well of the values we hold dear, especially the obligation to be a person for others. Politics can be challenging for people of character, but it is a place to make a real difference for those whose rights are otherwise forgotten. We wish Olivia all the best for the service she will give through public office.

At the assembly, Father Hosking spoke of Ash Barty’s retirement at the top of her career. She is a role model and ambassador who uses her gifts in a humble, gracious, and generous way. He noted that she made about $30 million from playing tennis. Last weekend she won a golf tournament at the club where she met her fiancé and received $30 prize money. Money matters little when you give of your best to what you do for the right reasons. May we give our best as we prepare for Easter and the holidays.

Mr Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

Photos below:
2021 College Duces L-R Antonia De Angelis, Jackson Centenera, Damiano Pavia with Principal Peter Coffey
Special Guest, Member for Newland, Olivia Savvas with Principal Peter Coffey

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