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Last night we celebrated Music at an Exhibition at Influencers Church, Paradise. A large number of talented musicians and ensembles from both the junior and senior campuses performed before an appreciative audience of over 400 people. We are grateful to Mr Aaron Dohse and the Music staff for bringing to life their vision for this year’s Festival of Arts.

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Students performing at 'Music at an Exhibition' Festival of Arts Concert

In preparation for Refugee Week (19−25 June), the faith and service activity during mentor time raised awareness of the harsh reality confronting refugees. The inclement weather prevented students gathering in larger House groups on the Bourke Oval, and instead they reflected in Mentor Groups on the journeys of displaced peoples, forced to leave homes and possessions to face an unknown and uncertain path. This exercise helped build our solidarity for refugees and asylum seekers, our commitment to plead their cause, and our gratitude for the peace and homes we enjoy.

This morning we celebrated the Mass of the Sacred Heart. This feast reminds us of the life-giving love of Jesus for each of us and helps us reflect on how we, in turn, share God’s love with others. The devotion dates back to the spiritual experiences of St Margaret Mary Alacoque, a Visitation Sister, in France from 1673−1675. Her spiritual director was a Jesuit, and St Claude la Colombiere SJ helped her make sense of her spiritual visions. The Sacred Heart reminds us of the divine love that created us and that sustains us. This love is limitless; it is never exhausted, and it never gives up. Through grace, we too are capable of loving God, ourselves, and others to a degree that we might have thought impossible. As Christians – that is Christ-like people – we are called to show compassionate love to all.

Fr Ramesh Richards SJ, Rector at The Cardoner Project, was our homilist. He reflected on service opportunities post-school and the work of Jesuits to deepen the human, spiritual, and intellectual formation of young adults. In Adelaide, Cardoner links with Wolves In Action, which comprises recent graduates committed to team building, leadership formation, and serving the wider community.

Fr Ramesh and students

Fr Hosking (L), Fr Richards (centre) and Fr Tanaya (R) with students who participated in the Mass

Mr Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

From the Principal
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