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This year we gathered outside on the Bellarmine Lawns for our Ash Wednesday Mass. Our Head of Ignatian Ethos, Jacquie McCabe, reminded our students that this special day in the Christian calendar marks the beginning of Lent and the launch of Project Compassion. She reminded us that … The ashes are highly symbolic. They are a symbol of where we have come from and to which we will return. Usually, our foreheads are marked with the sign of the cross, which is a symbol of how Jesus was executed on a cross but three days later Christ defeated death and his body was transfigured by divine energy, the Resurrection. A sign of hope and love for us all that we will share in the divine glory of God’s love as rather sensational stardust.

Receiving ashes

Fr Eka Tanaya SJ distributing ashes

As we reach the halfway point of the term, students will have assessment tasks in their subjects. The College encourages students to use SEQTA Learn to track when homework is due, when tests are scheduled, and the due dates for assignments. Being organised is a key to success. The SEQTA Engage module is available for parents. Our Curriculum Coordinators are supporting teachers in their faculties to ensure that up-to-date course work, assignments, and resources are available online.

We are blessed with our facilities to support an ever-growing co-curricular program for students. The competition finally commences this weekend; it will be wonderful to see the return of students and coaches representing the College with great enthusiasm.

Mr Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

From the Principal
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