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Our House-based pastoral care structure at the College aims to be a place in which students are known, loved, and affirmed by Mentor Teachers especially and indeed all staff. We do this in order for our students to grow in goodness to care better for others. In some ways, we hope that Mentor Groups become families within families. As the House Leaders and Mentors continue in their work, students will grow in their affection and allegiance to their House Group and the College community and confidently find their place in the wider world.

At our first Senior School Assembly of the year, which was live streamed to Mentor Groups, our Principal, Mr Coffey, spoke of choices we make in life and how our choices are more important than our abilities. He invited us to reflect on what motivates our choices. He encouraged us to consider the existential questions of what have I done, what am I doing, and what ought I do − for Christ? You can watch a recording of the assembly HERE. We are grateful to our theatre and AV staff, Allan Turnbull and Warren Bradley, who find innovative ways of enabling such events to continue.

We are looking forward to our co-curricular program of competitions against the other schools commencing next week.

Please take note of some upcoming dates at the Senior School during week 5:

Triathlon State Championships, West Lakes Canoe Club − Wednesday 2 March

Vex VRC and IQ Robotics Competition, Adelaide Convention Centre − Friday 4 March to Sunday 6 March

ACER scholarship examination for students Years 7, 10, or 11 in 2023 − Saturday 5 March

Mr Phil Donato
Head of Senior School

From the Rector
Upcoming Dates - Senior School