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As you would be aware, I normally utilise the Ignatian as an opportunity to share and celebrate aspects of our identity, mission, and community. However, I feel compelled to share with you all a matter of utmost importance – child safety. This week a student was hit by a car after school pick-up while running across the road to meet their parent.

Although the child was treated in hospital and discharged with fractures to the arm, I don’t wish to entertain how much worse this incident could have been. It is a stark reminder to us all of the importance of safety during peak drop-off and pick-up times, to follow the guidance provided by the school for the safety of all in our community. Children remain safely supervised in the care of staff in the designated places outlined in previous communications. This matter refers to the transition of children to the care of parents.

We ask for all parents to talk to their children to reinforce the wellbeing and safety of all. Teachers have spoken with all children this week about the importance of the two aspects outlined below.

1. Use the children’s crossing: Children have been informed to only cross Queen Street using the children’s crossing, which is monitored by staff and trained students who will stop the traffic for safe crossing.

2. Where adults can accompany children in crossing the street: Children wishing to cross the road at the roundabout using the pedestrian islands MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Please be aware of the power of parent modelling. Children copy what parents do, whether it be safe or unsafe practice. Parents are all too commonly seen darting through cars on foot, crossing the road with/without children at any random points along Queen Street, or even calling out to children from the other side of the road encouraging them to cross on their own. These are practices that continue to challenge the safety, supervision, and control measures the school works hard to implement to ensure all go home safely.

I appeal to the goodwill of all parents, that this presents as an opportunity for us to exercise the safety and care of all the children in our community through your effective modelling. Please talk with your children, but also caregivers, grandparents, or anyone who picks up your little ones at the end of the day to assist us in creating a powerful, unilateral approach of modelling these practices. Take the extra time to model these safe approaches and only cross the road using the children’s crossing and pedestrian island at the roundabout if you are anywhere within the vicinity of the school.

It might cost you a few extra minutes, but you have gained the safe passage of our children.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

From the Counsellors
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