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This week’s Patronal Feast Day proved to be a great celebration for our community. The College campuses coming together in this capacity for the first time in two years reminded us of how we are gifted with each other and the joy of community. The Year 12 students enjoyed their time in the Ignatius Early Years and primary classrooms in the morning, engaging in activities and sharing their schooling experiences. There is nothing more endearing than seeing our Year 12 students happily pulled along by the youngest of our children to play everything from fairies to footy with their new-found young friends. It is evident that each enjoy spending time together (image gallery below). Joined later by the rest of the Senior School and IEY students, the College posed for an aerial photo celebrating the Ignatian Year − 500 years since the conversion of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits or Society of Jesus, is one person who has permanently changed the way we view ourselves and our role as active change agents in the world and how we understand God. ‘All things new in Christ’ has been the motto for this Ignatian Year, which is reflective of how Ignatian spirituality retains an extraordinary vigour and relevance after nearly five centuries since Ignatius’ death.

Today we continue to celebrate who we are as a thriving Ignatian community in Adelaide that belongs to a broader global community, operating in over 110 countries and collectively educating over 2.3 million students. This is a grand enterprise to which we belong, not just for the scale mentioned here, but for the mission we serve. Ours is a spirituality that defends human rights, prizes learning from other cultures, seeks common ground between faith and science, struggles for justice, and honours a God who is actively at work in creation.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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