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This week has proved to be quite a crescendo of activity! The Junior School’s Night at the Theatre was held on Monday night in the Flynn Theatre at Athelstone. It was a great display of the diverse nature of all the ensembles who have been working hard over the year. Regardless of which ensemble, it was evident that the children really enjoyed their time on stage, sharing their talents with an appreciative audience.

While it is hard to pick favourites, the last piece of music proved to capture the imagination of many. All 100+ students participated in one long Coldplay medley written by Nicole Willis, which moved as seamlessly between songs as it did, a rich interplay of ensembles. Saint Irenaeus refers to the ‘glory of God is in man and women fully alive’ and it was evident that our children were embodying this while delighting in their creative talents.

Tuesday night provided an opportunity to recognise the breadth of talent across a number of co-curricular programs offered at the Junior School throughout the year. It was wonderful to host this event in our new Tappeiner Gymnasium where the children all enjoyed their opportunity to partake in the evening. Commonwealth Games gold medal champion, Jessica Stenson was the guest speaker who provided rich insight into the passion, adversity and joy of her running career.

Jessica spoke about being open to growth, which is a renowned Jesuit adage. She advocated that people should step out of their comfort zones, to be vulnerable and make mistakes. This would help to build resilience that will set you up for life and navigate life’s challenges. In addition to setting her ‘to do’ goal setting lists, she advocated we should all write ‘to be’ lists. That is, we need to reflect regularly on what our values are and who we want to be, to intentionally lead authentic and fulfilling lives. As Bishop Oscar Romero is attributed to saying, ‘we should aspire not to have more but to be more.’

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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Guest speaker Jessica Stenson

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