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A school of love

Known to many parents and students alike, the Holy Family statue is situated in the school piazza. It represents different things for different people. It’s a meeting place or collection point for parents and acts as a climbing frame for our little children who like to sit in the bronze laps of Mary or Joseph. It is entirely appropriate for us to talk about the notion of family, of its importance, and of how it richly contributes to the relational fabric and identity of our community.

Ignatian spirituality encourages us to see with new eyes and recognise what is right in front of us. A family is the greatest gift, a loving family with whom I will journey through life, to help me discover all of what God has in store and to share. In this week’s liturgy, we celebrated the gift of the Holy Family. In Ignatius’ view, the timing and birth of Jesus were determined by the Trinity, in how the saviour will be born into the world. Emptying himself of his divinity, Jesus didn’t just come into the world, but was made human and born into a human family. It is from family that we all first learn to love. Our focus is drawn away from ourselves, encouraging us to think of others first. As parents we are all called to respond generously, over and over again to love. Parenthood is not a one-time yes but an ongoing devotion of love.

This is true of our Ignatian family of which we are all a part. As a living community, we partake and share in life’s joys and challenges together in an environment that allows students to develop a greater understanding of who they are, and of how God is working in them, drawing each of us into a greater freedom to love.

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

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