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We were blessed to celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation for our Year 3 students and parents over the past two Wednesday evenings in the Chapel of Saint Ignatius, Norwood. This is a special reminder of our positive anthropology or world view, in which we are loved unconditionally. Bishop Greg O’Kelly, previous Headmaster of the College, speaks of how formative experiences such as these can draw us closer to God through understanding that we are loved unconditionally. In knowing that we are so loved, nothing can possibly separate us from God’s love. We are loved just as we are. When we view the world through this possibility, our life perspective changes.

Congratulations to all our aerobics and cheerleading students who provided a fantastic performance earlier this week for all our community. This high-octane evening provided an excellent showcase of talent from across the junior and senior campuses alike, and it was great to see the interest from all the parents and the youngest children dancing in the isles!

Today our Year 3 to 6 students have enjoyed the spirit of collaboration and competition at our annual school swimming carnival held at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. There was a palpable spirit in which all of our students involved themselves, ably encouraged by their peers from within their own House. Amid all the novelty events and races, the atmosphere was simply electrifying in the inter-House relays, which concluded the day. Well done to all involved, including Campion who not only were the winning House but showed great spirit and acknowledgement of all students’ best efforts on the day.

Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

IMG 7655

Campion 2022 Swimming Carnival Winners

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